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Cristy Ables 2001 Russellville AR
Tanner Corbin 2011 Dardanelle AR USA
Rhonda Dare Aday 1976 Dardanelle Arkansas United States
Mike Grimes 1982 Dardanelle AR
Jessica Kimble Dunn 2001 Dardanelle Arkansas
Cheyenne Kugler 2013
Brenda McCurdy 1982 USA
Bobby Perryman 1970 Playa Del Reyia California USA
Ryan Scantling 2010
Cheryl Seay Hodges 1997 Melbourne AR
Carla Sims McGlothin 1970 Dardanelle AR
Tiffanie Ward Adams 1998 Russellville Ar
Gayle Wiley Grover 1965 Elkton, Virginia USA
Jerry Woods 1977 Dardanelle AR USA
Patricia Workman Holman 1972 Hendersonville Tennessee United States