Dardanelle Public Schools

The Dardanelle School District will be closed starting Monday, March 16 through April 17, 2020.  Students, continue to work on your AMI packets.

School Choice Applications and Information for the 2020-2021 School Year

May 1, 2020 is the deadline for parents to submit school choice applications to the non-resident school district.


School choice applications are available at the administration office located at 102 South Front Street in Dardanelle or by calling Kim Witt at 479-229-4111.

You may also access a form by clicking on the following link:



NON-resident school district.  *This is the district the parent prefers their student attend outside their current school district.  The NON-resident school district will send the time stamped application to the resident district.


July 1, 2020 The superintendent of the NON-resident school district will notify both the parent and resident school district in writing as to whether the student’s application has been accepted or rejected.