Safe Room Information regarding the potential of inclement weather

Dear Patrons,
We are monitoring the potential for inclement weather.  We want to provide some information about our safe rooms at the High School and the Primary School.  We want to remind you that the safe rooms are available to the public after hours.  Please be advised the safe rooms automatically open when there is an tornado warning for our immediate area and sirens are active.
The basic ground rules for use of the safe rooms are as follows:
1.)  No pets are allowed.  Please make sure your pets are safely secured at home before leaving.
2.)  No tobacco or vaping products are allowed in the safe rooms.
3.)  No food or drinks are allowed in the safe rooms unless a medical condition requires you to do so.
We are grateful that we have this safety option for our community. We appreciate your care and respect for our facilities.
At the conclusion of a tornado warning all patrons are required to leave.  Dardanelle Police Department will be onsite to ensure the security of the building.
Praying for a safe evening for us all,
Dr. Mark Gotcher