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Geometry Course Description

Students need to keep a math notebook with daily notes, homework packet, and examples of problems.  No book is necessary for this class if the student keeps these things in their notebook.  At the request of a student or parent, a book can be issued to keep at home.  Students need to be at school as much as possible.  There is a direct correlation between a student’s grade and the number of absences. 


Homework will be given daily.  Homework is a reinforcement of the daily lesson.  Notes and examples will be presented every day in class.  No homework will be assigned unless it has been previously presented in class.  All homework applies to the unit tests or end of level tests.  No “busy work” will ever be assigned.  Homework will be awarded credit on an attempt and completion basis.  If a student attempts and shows all their work, they will receive credit for the assignment.  Credit will not be given for answers only.  At the first of each class, the answers to the homework will be given.  It is the student’s responsibility to grade their own paper and ask questions if their solutions are incorrect.  I will review the homework, answering any questions, during the first 5 to 10 minutes of each class.



Test cycles will be 4 days for each unit.  Each test cycle will be posted on the board at least one week before the cycle begins.  Unit tests are given three times.  The first day of the testing cycle is a unit test review.  The second day is test A.  The third day is a second review.  This second review day is not only a review of the normal test but is also a review of higher order thinking skills that pertain to each unit.  The higher order thinking skills (HOTS) are practice standardized test questions that will help prepare students for standardized tests. The fourth day is test B and HOTS test. The HOTS test will consist of questions from the HOTS review.  This HOTS test will factor into the overall test grade but is only taken one time.  Test C must be taken on the following Thursday after Test B.  It will be given by the office as described in the student handbook.  Each test is divided into sections called Competencies.  When a student scores an 80% or higher on a competency that section is considered mastered.  No partial credit will be given on Test A or Test B.  Partial credit can be given for test C.  Competencies not mastered on tests A or B must be done on subsequent tests.  If a student does not master a competency on Test A or Test B and fails to show up for Test C, a zero score will be given for the competency.  Unit test grades will be compiled from test A, B, and C. 



Overall Requirements

  • Homework is worth 10% of the grade.  Credit is given based on completion and effort.  Homework is graded by teacher at first of each class.  ALL work must be shown for credit.  No credit is given on answers alone.
  • Tests are worth 80% of the grade and quizzes are worth 10% of the final grade.  Semester tests are worth 20% of the semester grade.
  • Students must seek out assignments and notes if they are absent.  I will not track them down.  Ask me or another student.
  • Students will take the test if they are present on the day of the test.  If a student misses the day before the test, they must still take the test on the scheduled date.
  • Students have only one week to make up any work missed due to an absence.
  • All make up tests are given on Thursday before school, during lunch, or after school. 
  • All homework and tests must be completed in pencil.  Any work done in ink will not be given credit.


Necessary Supplies:

  • Notebook paper or notebook
  • Pencils


Optional Supplies

  • Compass
  • Ruler
  • Graph Paper


Student Responsibilities:

  • Bring necessary supplies to class.
  • Be in your seat ready for class when the bell rings, otherwise you are tardy.
  • Attempt all homework.  Take all tests.
  • Ask questions when concepts are not clear.
  • Find out and complete assignments in case of an absence.
  • Behavior must not distract or demean other students who wish to learn.


My Responsibilities:

  • Present material to provide success on state/national tests and allow students to excel in future math classes.
  • Answer any questions to clarify material.
  • Be accessible for students in case extra help is needed.  I am at school by 7:15 each morning and will stay until at least 3:45.
  • Post grades in a timely manner.
  • Hold all students equally for material, production, and behavior.
  • Provide a learning environment free of distractions.