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EAST Program

The EAST @ Dardanelle High School program recruits students who expect to increase their skills in problem solving, technological skills, teamwork, and critical thinking skills by functioning in a workplace environment. The program supports community and school performance-based projects by which students will increase their skills as mentioned. EAST @ Dardanelle High School provides the student-centered learning environment directed by community projects with the availability of high-level technological software to be used as tools to solve the project problems. The students are charged with developing community partnerships with people in our community to address community issues.
Students can take four years of EAST during their high school career. The instruction is based on the facilitator model as utilized by the EAST Initiative programs operating in schools in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Information about the EAST program at Dardanelle, please click this link. Information about the EAST program can be found at this website: http://www.eastinitiative.org/.
EAST is education accelerated by service and technology. We inspire change. We transform schools and communities by empowering people with technology, by encouraging critical thinking and creative problem-solving, and by engaging them in positive, real-world experiences. We advocate lifelong learning and community service. Through EAST, participants become positive agents of change to improve the world around them. (credit: The EAST Initiative) 
Check out the East Project below. This pamphlet is full of cost-friendly summer activities in the River Valley area, put together by East Students.