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Dardanelle High School
1079 North State Highway 28
Dardanelle, AR 72834
(479) 229-4655 * Fax (479) 229-4687
Dr. Mark Gotcher, Superintendent
Dr. Jamie Burris, Principal
Mr. Paul Farnam, Assistant Principal
Dardanelle High School is a comprehensive high school located in the Dardanelle Independent School District, which serves three counties in the River Valley area. Enrollment is approximately 625 students in a 9-12 setting.
Nation's Most Challenging High Schools ~ Washington Post
One of Arkansas's Highest Performing High Schools ~ Normes
Exemplary Progress School ~ ACT
America's Best High Schools ~ U. S. News
Nation's Best Schools ~ The Daily Beast & Newsweek
Grading Scale
100-90= A
89-80=   B
79-70=   C
69-60=   D
 59-Below= F