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Summary for School Improvement

ACSIP School Improvement Plan—2014/15—Dardanelle High School


Priority I—we will improve literacy performance


Assessment:  our 2012/13 literacy score on ACTAAP testing was down three points to 79% proficient or advanced.  This means 29 students failed to reach the proficient mark.  There were bright spots:  more students made advanced last year;the number of ELL students scoring proficient increased.  Our target is to make required progress in 14/15, fully implementing the new common core curriculum.


  1. Continue to refine and increase rigor in the critical reading class, with emphasis on position papers, vocabulary development using Latin roots, and immediate feedback on multiple writing projects. Emphasis will be, daily, electronic media for this class to practice for PARCC.
  1. Focus all classes, especially science and social studies, on literacy demands for common core. Again, emphasis on position papers, vocabulary development, and immediate feedback on multiple writing projects.  Writing across the curriculum and student work with dense text is the emphasis.
  1. Continue and improve literacy remediation classes, extending the base of such classes to include more pre – remediation.
  1. Focus on improving the performance in biology remediation and in the class of students who are repeating part of failed biology to prepare for ACTAAP. Two new teachers and extended professional development for planning purposes for remediation  are two strategies we are trying.
  1. We will continue to tailor schedules for ELL students at the “1” level. We will double (and triple) block literacy and math classes for these students.
  1. Continue for a second year the highly rigorous concurrent college credit 12th grade English class for students with the required pre-requisites.

Priority II:  maintain performance in math while fully implementing the new common core curriculum.


Needs Assessment:  Both ACT and ACTAAP testing last year supported success with both curriculum and format in math.  Our students were 99% proficient /advanced in Algebra I; the ACT math score was better than both state and nation.  Likewise in geometry the ACTAAP score was 98%  proficient or advanced.  Our goal is to continue such scores as PARCC testing becomes the norm.



  1. Align the mastery math format with algebra and geometry using the common core curriculum.
  1. Develop and implement math lab curriculum that is technology rich allowing practice for PARCC tests. Continue to use math lab as support for all students in Algebra I, as well as a platform for remediation of  8th grade benchmarks.
  1. Continue the intense remediation programs centering on repeat semesters and summer school for credit recovery for all math classes, especially Algebra and Geometry.