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Summary for School Improvement

Dardanelle High School

School Improvement Plan



Current Mission and Vision:


It is the mission of Dardanelle High School to empower its students with the skills they need in their changing world.


Needs Assessment Data:


Dardanelle High School data in 2018 was encouraging. 


ASPIRE Test performance improved: 10th grade English remained good at 66; math improved significantly to 43; reading remained static at 34; science at 39 continued excellent in comparison to state. In 9th grade, English presented some concern at 54; math was significantly higher at 45; reading was good at 41; science remained good at 34.


ACT scores of 12th grade were good.  DHS beat the state, which was 19.4 to our school’s 20.7. DHS came very close to nation with 20.7 compared to the national 20.8.


11th grade ACT was 19.4 compared to the state at 18.7.


Advance Placement scores remained acceptable with a small increase in AP membership and 34 students scoring high enough for college credit.


Goal 1: Improve English and language arts performance as indicated by improvement in ASPIRE scores and ACT scores.



  1. All principal evaluations and observations will evaluate depth and quality of questioning, especially on English anchor pieces.
  2. Close reading will be practiced in all language arts classes.
  3. Students will annotate text on poetry and prose selections in English classes
  4. Increased non-fiction will be read and fully discussed in all English classes, CCR Literacy, and critical reading.
  5. Writing of the position paper type will be practiced in all literacy and social studies classes throughout the year with principal evaluation reflecting frequency and excellence of the assignments and results

Goal 2:  Improve math performance as indicated by improvement in ASPIRE scores and ACT scores.



  1. All Algebra and Geometry teachers will give two interim ASPIRE tests; reteach problem areas as indicated by class performance.
  2. All principal evaluations of math classes will note evidences of clarity of instruction and conscious teacher alignment of teaching to curriculum tested on ASPIRE.
  3. Professional development will focus on depth and formation of daily class teaching and posing of questions in class work and homework. Higher order thinking skills will be priority.

District Support Needed:

  1. Curriculum coordinators and coaches will provide technical assistance and materials needed to give interim tests.
  2. District will allow and encourage teacher professional development needed to improve posing of questions and increasing depth of knowledge.
  3. District must continue to support and improve technology infrastructure and continue to help teachers to use technology more efficiently to accomplish their curricular goals.