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Friday, February 22, 2019


RIVERTOWN CLEAN UP - Our Student Council is leading us in our school participation in our city clean up. This is our town --- cleaning it up benefits you, more than anyone. I think the clean up will concentrate on general trash. Please, please help. See your organization sponsor, Mrs. Gray, or a student council member for information. I WANT THIS TOWN TO SEE OUR STUDENTS LEADING THE CHARGE FOR IMPROVEMENT IN DARDANELLE! 


Sophomores: on Wednesday in advisory, you will get information on the state required BMI, which will be administered to you next week. After taking this information home, if you and your parents decide to opt out of the BMI, you must turn in the signed opt-out form to the office no later than Friday. The BMI itself will be on the 26th.


Week At A Glance



           Math Teachers bring cleared, yellow calculators to office 1:30

           School Board Meeting 6 pm

           Mandatory meeting for those who want to try out for cheerleader - advisory - cafeteria


ACT administered to juniors: assemble in cafeteria 7:55 am

Opt-out juniors follow normal schedule

EAST team presents to Chamber of Commerce - noon

10th grade advisory give BMI forms to students


           Juniors to cafeteria, advisory, after-prom parents

           Choir Concert - evening - safe room


           10th grade BMI Opt-out forms due in the office

           Seniors to cafeteria, advisory, after-prom parents


Military Ball at Lake Pointe