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Tuesday, December 10, 2019



Congratulations to Abigail Adams, Miss Christmas Spirit!


Congratulations to DAR Good Citizen…..Brandon Bunton!


Congratulations to Bethani Walter—Student of the Month!


Congratulations to Debate—wins 4th tournament in a row!


Congratulations to Boys Basketball


Congratulations to JROTC Cadet Asher Lipe for being selected as the Cadet of the Month for November.


Congratulations to the 23 JROTC cadets that participated in the Brookland High School drill meet. The tug-of-war team placed 4th, as did the male color guard team. 


Congratulations to Football All-State:  Jordan Metcalf and Blake Chambers. All-State Honorable Mention:  Nathan Smith and Brandon Bunton. All-Star Game Nominees:  Nathan Smith, Cole Walter, Christian Lomeli, Brandon Bunton, Blake Chambers, and Marlon Caballero. All-Conference:  Cameron Hurst, Brandon Bunton, Nathan Smith, Cole Walter, Christian Lomeli, Sam Williams, and Trace Gentry. All-Conference Honorable Mention:  David Deatherage and Jordan Branson


Jostens will be here today, 2:30-6:30 p.m. to order senior items (cap/gowns, invitations, memorabilia)


10th Grade BMI screenings today!

This Week!

Reminder that your parent can only bring lunch for you. We can no longer have parents bring lunches in for groups of students. This is not our rule but one of the state department, sorry.


Jr. Ring Committee, Dec 11th, Mrs. Gray’s room, advisory


Choir Students Sing at the Nursing Home/School/Trip, Dec 13th. 10:30-2:00 p.m.


FRIDAY, December 13th, Christmas advisory parties.


December 12th, Science PLC during advisory


December 13th, GT Binders due to Mr. Hettinga.


December 14th, ACT given here! Students who are taking the ACT on Saturday need an official ID like a driver's license or a Student Identification Form from the ACT completed and stamped by the office to take the test. The ID given out by yearbook will not work.


December 11th, Math PLC during advisory


A Look Down The Road!

December 16th, 2nd quarter grades are due at 8 a.m.


December 16th, office will publish a list of students who have meet the attendance requirement for semester test exemption.


December 17th, Announce exemptions in each class period. (Students who made the list for attendance and who have B’s or better both quarters in your class.)


Christmas Concert, Dec 17. Center for the Arts. 7 p.m.


Christmas Choir Concert, December 19th, Safe Room, 6:30 p.m.


December 18th, Semester Test, periods 2, 4, 6.


December 19th, Semester Test, periods 1, 3, 5, 7.


December 20th, End of Semester. Grades due 11 a.m.


Semester Test Information:  Semester tests are December 18 and 19. December 18 is even period tests and December 19 is odd period tests. Each day, we will run a normal 7 period schedule. Periods that are not testing, will be study sessions for all students present. Students must have missed no more than 4 days this semester (we will use the office official count) and have earned a B or better both nine weeks in a class to be exempt.  This means that if you have missed 29 periods, you have missed more than 4 days and you have to take all semester tests. Students must be present for their first test of the day and remain at school until all of their tests are complete for the day. For example, if a student has a test 3rd period and 7th period, he or she will remain at school 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7th periods. Students who ride a bus or wish to come the entire school day are welcome to do so! If a student wishes to check out at the end of the day, after all of their required tests are complete for the day, the student must be physically signed out by a parent or have a note from the parent or guardian in hand that gives permission for them to leave campus early.


Credit recovery will begin January 27th. It meets on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for 20—three hour sessions that run from 3:30-6:30. You may not be late for or absent from credit recovery for any reason. This includes athletics, personal illness, and family emergency. Zero tolerance for absences. It is free. You could recover one-half credit (one semester) in credit recovery. Classes offered will be English, Math, World History, Science, and Oral Comm/Critical Reading. Sign up in the office begins January 7th.  If you are missing credits in any of the above courses, your name needs to get on this list!

Scholarship Information

National Beta Scholarship applications are being accepted November 1 - January 22.  Students may apply at scholarship.betaclub.org


Dardanelle Chamber of Commerce Scholarship.  This is a one time, $500 scholarship to one of our students. Application deadline is December 13. See your advisor or the counselor’s office for information or the application.


Seniors: check out the creative writing scholarship and other scholarship opportunities on the scholarship corner website!


ATU – the Foundation Scholarship deadline has been extended to December 15th.   



If you are planning to attend ATU, but have not yet applied for admission, you need to apply for admission ASAP so that you can be admitted in time to apply for Foundation Scholarships!  Seniors can apply for freshman admission at https://www.go2atu.org/applynow/choose.htm.