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Dardanelle Public Schools

DMS Library Media Center with Book Assessment Dates

Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 5:00pm
Friday 7:30am - 3:30pm
(Until Afterschool Enrichment starts)
Check in/out books
Computers available to complete assignments
Search the library - See if the DMS library has the book you are looking for by clicking on the Catalog tab to enter your search, log in to see your account information, place books on hold or recommend books to friends - this must be done from a district computer. You can search for book from an off campus computer. 
DMS Series - Series that the DMS Library currently has. Organized alphabetically by series title. 


Library Lizards Website - check it out for book trailers, research help, cool websites, DMS series, and more!! 


How to Use a Dictionary




All About Those Books!!


KDL What's Next? - to search for the next book in a series. 


Fantastic Fiction - Find out which book is next in the series and other information on all fiction.


arbookfind.com - Find out if there is an Accelerated Reader quiz available for your book.


Share What You're Reading - share what you have read - or read what others have to say about a book


 WHAT BOOK SHOULD I READ NEXT? Use these links to help you find your next book to read - 
Arkansas River Valley Library - check out the local library and what they have to offer - get your library card!! 






Help with Research 

Traveler DatabasesTraveler electronic databases sponsored by the Arkansas State Library helps you to find approved, reliable articles for research projects. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Or You Can Use the Links Here!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Presentation on How to Use Databases


How to Create a Quality Presentation


Setting Up a Research Account in World Book - this is through the Traveler Databases


Easy Bib - use this to help you cite your sources


Dictionary - use this to look up those words you are not familiar with



Plagiarism Explained - Common Craft presentation explaining plagiarism


What is Plagiarism? - you can listen to this in English and in Spanish.  


Understanding Search Engines

                    Ways to Refine Your Searches










6th Grade Reading Dates


4th Quarter

April 5th
April 22nd
May 6th
7th and 8th Grade Reading Dates

4th Quarter

April 5th
April 22nd
May 6th





Newsela -  is an Instructional Content Platform that supercharges reading engagement and learning in every subject.


ThinkCerca - offers CCSS-aligned lessons that promote close reading and argumentative writing for Language Arts, Social Studies and Science classes





Know Your Media Sources!! 
To learn more about the Holocaust from reliable sources - check out the library databases!! 
100 Word Challenge
Signing Up for Edublog - follow these instructions carefully
- to log in to the 100WC site - username: dmsstudents     password: Lizards1819