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School Supply Lists

Dardanelle Middle School
Student Supply List

7th and 8th Grade Student Supply List

• One large zipper binder (at least 2-inch rings) with pencil   pocket or purchase a separate pencil pouch to be kept in the binder

• Two 12-count packages of # 2 pencils

• Wide-ruled loose leaf notebook paper

6th Grade Student Supply List

• (3) 1-inch Binder (Math, Science, Social Studies)

• (3) Package Loose Leaf Paper (Wide-Ruled)

• (2) 1-Subject Spiral Notebook (Reading, Language Arts)

• (12-count package minimum) #2 Pencils

• (1) 12-count Colored Pencils
BACKPACKS/BOOKBAGS:  These are NOT required.  If used, they must be small enough to fit in the lockers and under student desks.  Wheeled bags may NOT be used.