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Monday, March 26, 2018


  • Happy Birthday – Kaden Renard. Stop by the office and pick up your birthday pencil.



In the Café

Turkey Tacos/Chicken Sandwich/Pepperoni Pizza

Pinto Beans


Baked Apple Slices

Fresh Whole Fruit


Breakfast tomorrow….Scrambled Eggs with Cheddar Cheese


Grab and Go today….Sausage Pancake Sandwich

































We are now offering a Second Chance Breakfast. Students receiving free meals can only receive the regular breakfast or the Second Chance breakfast per day. Any additional breakfasts that day will need to be paid for.  



Meal Costs:

Breakfast:   Reduced - $0.30 Paid - $1.00


Lunch:         Reduced - $0.40 Paid - $2.00


Adults:      Breakfast - $2.00 Lunch - $3.50

Pay online https://www.lunchmoneynow.com/lmn/splash.php - Even if you don't pay online, you can set the account up so that you receive e-mail notifications when your child's balance is getting low.