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504 Procedure

504 Procedure
The 504 procedure begins when a parent, an outside agency, a staff member, or an administrator believes that a student possibly fits the criteria of a 504 student. The following are the steps to follow in the 504 determination process.
1.) The referring person makes contact with the 504 Coordinator, Jean Furr.
2.) The 504 Coordinator meets with the committee.The committee consists of the parent(s), classroom teacher(s) and the 504 Coordinator.The 504 Committee meets to complete the Determination of Eligibility Form.
3.) The committee utilizes a variety of documentation (i.e. physician report, current grades, cumulative records, standardized testing and committee members’ input and observation.)
The 504 Coordinator for 4th and 5th grade is Jean Furr. Contact information is: [email protected]