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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Dardanelle School District is to educate all students to enable them to become informed citizens in an ever-changing world.


Our Vision: 

  • We will empower our children and ourselves to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow with courage and confidence.
  • Staff, students, families, and the community will be actively involved in the educational process to create a healthy, orderly, safe, and supportive environment where students want to learn and believe that success is attainable.
  • Our curriculum will enable our students to independently and collaboratively become critical and creative thinkers, effective communicators, and problem solvers.
  • Responsibility for student success extends to students as well as adults.
  • Our curriculum will foster in children a deep understanding of the ecological impact we have on the earth and will teach the requisite skills to create change on behalf of the earth.
  • Our staff will recognize the skill levels, learning styles, and cultural uniqueness of each of our students and utilize technology, hands-on activities, and interdisciplinary instruction to enhance teaching and learning. 

Vision Statement:

Dardanelle Schools are a focal point for the community.  They are safe, positive places that encourage “self-growth”, student achievement, and lifelong learning.  The partnership of school and community provides the resources to meet the needs of all students and expand the classroom into the community.  Our staff serves our primary clients, the students, with a variety of instructional techniques that reflect best practices in education.  Our staff receives ongoing training and support to learn and utilize these proven best practices and educational reform tools to maximize the educational process.  Our schools utilize current technologies as tools to enhance student learning.  Our graduates are healthy, productive members of society.


Core Beliefs We Believe:

  • All children can learn and want to be successful.
  • The primary focus of the Dardanelle School District is the education of students.  Teaching should have clear targets with high expectations and continually focused on authentic, interactive learning opportunities.  
  • Learning must be relevant and meaningful and children must experience success in their leaning.
  • The student, family, school, and community should be an ongoing partnership that is responsible for the lifelong learning environment.
  • Human capabilities are unlimited and self-respect is critical to success.  Children need to feel a sense of community within their classroom and the school.
  • Students learn best when they are positively supported by families and the community within a safe and nurturing environment that is fun, challenging, healthy, and positive.
  • Diversity benefits the individual and the community.  Everyone in the learning community deserves respect.  
  • It is an individual’s responsibility, to be honest, and respectful.
  • We value service to others and the promotion of a positive work ethic.
  • Students should graduate from Dardanelle High School with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to make wise choices and be responsible, productive members of society. 
  • Today’s world has many different cultures and points of view.  We encourage our students to use these differences to create a better world for tomorrow.


Planning Parameters:

  • We will base all decisions on the best interest of students.
  • We will respect the worth and dignity of every individual.
  • We will not allow the fiscal stability of the district to be jeopardized.
  • We will serve all students of our community.