Dardanelle Public Schools

The Dardanelle School District will be closed starting Monday, March 16 through April 17, 2020.  Students, continue to work on your AMI packets.
Human Resources » Want to be a Substitute?

Want to be a Substitute?

Want To Be A Substitute Teacher?

Dardanelle School District obtains substitute teachers through SubTeach/ESS. To become a substitute teacher for our school district, please apply on the ESS website at https://ess.com/ or call 1.800.641.0140.

Want To Be A Substitute Cook, Custodian, or Bus Driver?

Applications for substitute cooks, custodians, and bus drivers are available at our administration office at 102 South Front Street. Kim Witt will provide you with a substitute packet. For more information, please call 479-229-4111.