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EAST @ Dardanelle High School Mission Statement:

To empower our students to become productive and contributing citizens of our world.
EAST Objectives:

  • All students will demonstrate growth in problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • All students will reflect the ability to transfer their problem solving and critical thinking skills to all aspects of curriculum.
  • All students will demonstrate ethical characteristics in their use of technology and their relationships with other students, faculty, school administration, and the community citizens.
  • All students will demonstrate teamwork skills and cooperative working relationships between the students, the school, and the community through performance based projects.
  • All students will demonstrate self-directed learning by creating projects that produce measurable and concrete results.

The 15th annual EAST National Conference, presented by the Arkansas Department of Education, concluded Friday in Hot Springs, Ark., celebrating the work of EAST students from around the country. EAST students from Dardanelle High School attending the annual conference were Branda Dugan (team leader), Woodrow Ramey (team leader), Hugh Benfer, Rio Collins, Grant George, Max Summer, Cade Wilks, and Miranda Wilks. The program was awarded superior rating for meeting the expectations of the EAST objectives. Presenting the Conference Program Overview presentation were Ramey and Benfer. Additionally, Benfer and Austin Thaxton's poster for the EAST general category earned first place in a student vote for best overall poster. In the Big Project area, the team showcased a robot project called The Illuminator, a project developed by Will Lively and Dayton Clark. Several projects such as the Dardanelle Rock mapping and video project, the Z Virus (mapping the flu in central Arkansas), historical videos, news reporting, and work on teen issues from Teen Leadership Coalition projects were showcased.