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Student Meal Prices for the 2020-2021 School Year

Breakfast Prices for Full Paid: $1.00/day or $5.00/week

Breakfast Prices for Reduced: $0.30/day or $1.50/week

Lunch Prices for Full Paid: $2.00/day or $10.00/week

Lunch Prices for Reduced: $0.40/day or $2.00/week

Adult Meal Prices
$3.55/day for Lunch
$2.10/day for Breakfast

We recommend that parents pay meals in advance. Meals may be paid for with check or cash at your child’s school. Please make checks payable to the Dardanelle School District with your child’s name in the memo line. Children going to school in different buildings will need separate checks.


Visitors are always welcome at Dardanelle Public Schools and you are certainly welcome to enjoy lunch with your child but food brought from an outside source can only be shared with your student. Adult meals can also be purchased from the cafeteria at the rate indicated above.


 Our cafeterias follow dietary restrictions and modifications due to documented medical illnesses/issues/allergies as noted by a medical doctor in accordance with USDA guidelines. Your school nurse will need to be your first point of contact to ensure these needs are met.


The Child Nutrition Director, Kerri Thomas, can be reached at 479-229-4111, Monday through Friday or anytime by email at kerri.thomas@dardanellelizards.com