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Apple TV Install

There are a few things needed to get an Apple TV connected up and working.


Connect it up to a wireless network Choose Settings > General > Network > Wi-Fi. Then Choose your Wi-Fi network Name (DSPRIVATE or Apple TV Wifi) Pictures are for Example only, these are not our settings.
Change the Name of the Apple TV. The name should be in the format of School_RoomNumber_ATV. So, for example DES_315_ATV or DHS_215_ATV. To change the name of your Apple TV, select Settings > General > Name.
Email me a copy of the name of the computer and its MAC (Wifi) Address. This allows me to program the filter to bypass most of its restrictions on streaming material. A MAC address consists of 6 hexadecimal numbers separated by colons. It looks like this: E4:27:8F:2D:A7:4E
Go to the main menu and select “Settings” Find the entry labeled “Wi-Fi Address”. This is the MAC Address.IMPORTANT NOTE: There could be an Ethernet and wireless address and they will be different. I will need the address that Apple TV is using. If it is using wireless internet (vast majority are, then I need the wireless address, however if it is plugged into the network I will need the Ethernet address
In the settings menu, click “About”You can also find this info by going to:This MAC address can be found when you join up to the network. The above screen is in the “Network” tab. As the example shows in the picture above. I will need the “Wi-Fi Address”.