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Login to Local Acount

If you are having trouble logging into a machine with a domain account (firstname.lastname), there is the option to log in locally (off the domain). This is commonly needed on laptops that have lost their wireless connection. This trick below is a quick and easy way to log into the local accounts on the machine


NOTE: These local accounts are almost always administrator accounts to the local machines. Therefore, this method is meant for troubleshooting only and should not be used as an alternative daily login.


Traditionally you would type in the computer name \ user name. Ex: (DHS_LAB_01\student).


The easier method is to use a period in place of the computer name. Below are the two accounts that are installed on the majority of our machines.


Ex: Username:     .\student     or       .\administrator

       Password:     (Media Specialist or IT will need to type in)