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Access Network Applications/Files

Several commonly used programs and applications are stored on our network servers for easy access and install. This guide will help show you to how to access these locations.
Go to your start menu and type the name of the server with two back slashes in front of it. The main storage server we use is "DPSSTORE", so you would type:
A folder explorer will come up with all the different locations that are shared out on that server. This box will also include any printers that may be share out from that server. Double clicking a printer will install it on your computer.
These folders will contain the applications and files that you need access to, depending on the location of those files.
On DPSSTORE the "Install Files" folder contains our mostly commonly access applications/files.
By opening up the "Install Files" folder we can see all the applications and files that available to download or install.
NOTE: Most of these installs will require admin access.