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PARCC Testing - Chromebooks

Chromebook Setup for Testing


  1. Remove devices from charging station
  2. Open the book screen and make sure you see the following screen. If not, log out of device.
3. Locate the APP icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Click once, then click on TestNav to launch the program. 
4. You should now see the following screen 

Look to make sure there is no error message on the top right corner of the TestNav application. If you see a message stating that the TestNav Application is out of date, you will need restart the Chromebook so that the App can update.


At the end of testing for the day you will need to place the devices back into the charging device to ensure a full charge for the next day.


On the very last day of testing you will need to manually turn off each device. This will take the Chromebook out of the TestNav application.