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The Dardanelle School District will be closed starting Monday, March 16 through April 17, 2020.  Students, continue to work on your AMI packets.
Technology » Aspire Testing - Desktops & Laptops (Windows)

Aspire Testing - Desktops & Laptops (Windows)

Instructions for those testing in a computer lab (Windows):



  1. You may log into the computers with username: parcc and password: parcc
  2. Click on the Chrome icon. This should automatically open the two tabs on the chrome browser. The first tab will be the official testing site, the second tab will only be used to test the computer’s ability to run the test.  This is for testing setup only. During the test only focus on the first tab that is opened on Chrome.

3. When student enter their username and password they may encounter the following pop-up screen:

Instruct them to click on “Do not show this again for apps from this publisher and location above” and then click “Run”

The Student’s Test will now pop up and take up the entire screen. No other application can run while the test is running or else the test will exit out.