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Password Reset Server Instructions

We have recently updated our system for teachers and student to recover or change their password 24/7, without any assistance.  Before you can use the system you must go through a one-time registration. You must currently know your username and password to register on the system.


During registration you need to the following things:


1)      Pick 2 security questions and answer them.

2)      Enter an alternative email address. This should NOT be any of your school addresses. (Optional, but recommended)

3)      Enter your cell phone number. (Optional, but recommended)


To register, you simply log on to the site (with your computer login) and enter in the following information above after you log in with your credentials (firstname.lastname) After registering, you can simply return to the site to either recover your password, reset your password, or unlock your account, by using one of the following methods.


  •     Correctly answer your 2 security questions
  •     Get a code sent to your alternate email address
  •     Get a code sent via text to your phone.