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Dardanelle Tech Tips: Google Cloud Storage & Google File Stream

Dardanelle Tech Tips: Google Cloud Storage & Google File Stream


All Students and Staff have an unlimited Google Education cloud storage account. This storage account is not limited to just files you create in Google Docs. In this email, we have listed an easy way you can take advantage of these accounts, by using their Google File Stream Application.


Remember you can store ANY type of file in Google Drive. This includes video files, picture files, compressed files, and Microsoft Office files. You do not have to convert your Microsoft Office files to Google formats to be able to store them in Google.


What are the Benefits of Google Drive?


  •     One of the top benefits of storing your documents in the cloud, is that you can access files from anywhere, not just on our network.


  •     Storing your documents in Google drive also gives you an instant backup of your work, should your hard drive crash on your computer.



What is Google File Stream?


Google File Stream is an Application for both Windows and Mac machines that lets you interact with your google drive cloud storage like it’s another storage drive on your machine. This lets you save directly to the Google Drive from any application on your system, including Microsoft Office.


Google File Stream is not for Chromebooks, since they already have this functionality built into them.


Below is a great Instruction Video that shows how Google File Stream works:



Important note: As the name implies, you are streaming your files from the cloud when you access your drive. This prevents wasting all your local storage space downloading your entire drive for each machine you access it on. If you want to access your documents offline, you need to right click any folder or document you want to be accessible offline and click the “Available Offline” button.



Is Google File Stream already installed on my work computer?


Yes, if you have had a new machine, or a recent upgrade to windows 10, you should already have this installed on your machine. This is a standard install as part of our imaging. If you do not have this installed and would like it, please contact us.


You will need to pull up the “Google File Stream” application and sign into it one time with your Google login information. This will link the account and create your drive.



Where do I get the install File for my personal computer?


You can install Google File Stream from the link below (Windows):



Here is the Google Instructions page for Google File Stream