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Dardanelle Tech Tips: Passwords

Dardanelle Tech Tips: Passwords


This page contains information about how we deal with user accounts and passwords for both Dardanelle Staff and Students. It also has details about how you can reset your password from anywhere at any time.


The following information does NOT have anything to do with E-School or State Passwords. This email contains information about your Dardanelle login accounts. 


We link our two main accounts together to save the staff and students the hassle of having multiple logins to different products. The two management systems we link everything to include Active Directory (Computer Login) and Google G Suite. These two systems are then synced together as described below. 



Google Apps & AD Password Sync

AD passwords (Computer Login) will sync to your Google account. So, when you update your AD password, your Google Apps password will automatically be set to match.


This does not sync the other way. If you change your password in Google it will NOT change your password in AD.  The two passwords will remain different, until the next time you change your AD password.



Password Reset Server


We have recently updated our system for teachers and student to recover or change their password 24/7, without any assistance.  Before you can use the system you must go through a one-time registration.


We highly recommend you go ahead and register as soon as possible, so if you need to recover your password later on, you will be able to anywhere. 


The Link is listed below. It is also listed on the webpage under the staff link.


During registration you need to the following things:


1)      Pick 2 security questions and answer them.

2)      Enter an alternative email address. This should NOT be any of your school addresses. (Optional, but recommended)

3)      Enter your cell phone number. (Optional, but recommended)


To register, you simply log on to the site (with your computer login) and enter in the following information above. After registering, you can simply return to the site to either recover your password, reset your password, or unlock your account, by using one of the following methods.


  • Correctly answer your 2 security questions
  • Get a code sent to your alternate email address
  • Get a code sent via text to your phone.



Password Policy


To meet State Password Policy requirements, we now have the following requirements your password must meet:


Your Password Expires every 182 days.

Your Password must be 8 characters long.

You cannot use any of your past 6 Passwords

Your password cannot contain any part of your username

Your password requires 3 out of 4 of the below:

  •     English uppercase characters (A through Z).
  •     English lowercase characters (a through z).
  •     Base-10 digits (0 through 9).
  •     Non-alphanumeric (for example, !, $, #, %). extended ASCII, symbolic, or linguistic characters.



Students Policies


Student accounts should have no access to sensitive information, so there policies are not require to be as stringent.


Passwords expire every 182 days

Their Password must be 6 characters long




Important Note:


Windows laptops are NOT able to update your passwords while off the network. Until a Laptop is brought back on the Dardanelle network, it will continue to use the last password it was synced with. For this same reason you cannot change your password on a laptop while off the network.