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Originality reports in Google Classroom


Originality reports in Google Classroom (Plagiarism Checker)


As a Google Enterprise Education School, all staff and students have access to the originality report feature in Google Classroom.


What is the Originality Report tool?


When you turn on originality reports, you and your students can check work for authenticity. Originality reports use Google Search to compare a student’s work against billions of web pages and millions of books. Originality reports link to the detected web pages and flag uncited text. The reports can:


  • Help students identify unintentional plagiarism and uncited content before submitting assignments.
  • Help teachers see where students used source material and where citations are present or missing.

Note: Originality reports are currently only available for:

  • Google Accounts set to English.
  • Work completed in Google Docs.


How often can we use this feature?


As a Google Enterprise School, teachers are allowed unlimited usage of the Originality Report tool.

Students can use the feature 3 times for each assignment.


Where can I located more information on this feature and how to use it?


Below is a link to Google information about Originality Reports.



Google’s Video walk through of how to use Originality Reports.




Upcoming Feature in Originality Reports: School Matching Documents


Originality reports currently scan for matches anywhere on the web through the power of Google Search. In the future, the product is expanding to support detection of matches with past student submissions within a school's domain. Schools will have their own private repository of past student submissions, so instructors can receive originality reports that include student-to-student matches within the same school.