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Teacher Web Pages & Integration with Google Classroom

Teacher Web Pages & Integration with Google Classroom


The Dardanelle School district website now offers Integration with your Classes in Google Classroom.

This Integration will allow you to display all your Google Classrooms on your personal teacher page on the website.  It can also be customized to show your assignments and due dates.  


If you would like to setup this integration or for information about how your Teacher pages work, check out the information below:


How do I sign into my Teacher Webpage?


Most teachers should already have their accounts integrated with their google account. The login page to edit your webpage is located on the Staff page and here: https://dardanellepublicschools.edlioadmin.com/apps/login/


You will just need to click on the “Sign in with Google” button.

If you are a new teacher or have not setup your google integration, please contact us and we can help you get that setup.



I need a refresher on how to work my teacher page, where can I get that?


Edilo has an overview video on the basic functionality of teacher pages at the link here: https://help.edlio.com/apps/video/watch.jsp?v=234603

(This video does not include Google Classroom integration; you can find that info in these other links below in this email)



How do I link my Google Classroom to the website?


You will need to follow the guide below to integrate your Google Classroom with your teacher page on the Website.




How do I also link my Assignments to the website?


By also linking your assignments to the website, you will be able to post assignments from either Google Classroom or the website, and they will sync the assignments together.


The following link will show you information on how to make Assignments sync:



Where will my Google classes show up on my website?


The classes will show up in 2 different locations





What is the subscribe function on the website?


Students and Parents can subscribe to website pages and classes. As Subscribers, they will receive updates from only the pages and classes they are subscribed to. Here is the information they will receive when they are subscribed.


Subscription to a Personal Page

The subscriber receives these notices:

  • new posts to the teacher's home page
  • changes to the teacher's home page
  • changes to the teacher's other pages
  • Note: subscribers to Personal Pages do NOT receive Class updates!


Subscription to a Class

The subscriber receives these notices:

  • assignments added today
  • assignments that are due tomorrow and one week from tomorrow
  • new posts to the class
  • changes to the class page
  • Note: subscribers to Classes do NOT receive Personal Page updates!


More information about Subscriptions can be found here:




How often is the website updated with my class information?


The Website will update from Google every 12 hours with your most recent Classroom changes.



Is there an App available for our website?


Yes, there is! We now have a Dardanelle School App available for both IOS and Android devices. This app will pull the news, notifications, and events (once we start having them again) directly from our website postings. If the user chooses, the app can also notify them anytime we make a new posting on the website. Anyone is welcome to install and use the app.


Below are instructions on how to install the app: