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Register a Device on the Wifi

Devices must be registered on the Dardanelle Network before they can access our wireless signal (Indoor or Outdoor).   


Below are the different methods that devices can be registered on our network.


  •       All School Owned Devices are pre-registered to the Wireless before they are distributed. These devices are already fully authenticated to the wireless


  •      Students and Staff may use their computer login credentials to go through a one-time wireless registration of a device on the network. They will need to connect to the “DSD Wireless” signal, then pull up their web browser and try to access a website. The webpage should redirect to our wireless registration page. If you get a certificate warning, tell the browser to continue. You may have to hit the “Advance’ button and continue on to our website. Below are the direct links to both our registration servers you can type in:


           Watch a video on how to register here



           The direct links you can type in a browser to register your device (These only work while connected to our network)









  •      Guests may use the same method as above but use their phone number for one-week access to the network.



  •     If you have any issues with the above methods, you may fill out the Google form at the link below to have your device manually registered. Please note this method could take 3-4 days before your devices is registered.





The WiFi at the fire stations do not operate in the same manor as those on district. The above rules only apply for on campus access.