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Dardanelle Tech Tips: Google Meet

Google Meet is an optional tool we are providing to teachers and students as a way to connect virtually. 

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet is a video-communication service developed by Google. It is one of two apps that constitute the replacement for Google Hangouts

Google Meet is a platform that can be used to remotely connect with your students. It can also be used to pre-record lessons to post on classroom sites. 

How do I access Google Meet?

Google Meet can be accessed by going to https://meet.google.com/ 

There are also Google Meet Apps available on most all platforms you can install to your device.

How do I use Google Meet?

Here is a great walk-through Video on how to use Google Meet:


Can Google Meet be used to record my Lessons?

Yes! You can use Google Meet to simply record your lessons. You do not have to live stream to anyone to do this. You just need to start a meet, hit the record button and you are good to go. 

After you finish a Google Meet and stop the recording, the file will be processed and delivered to your own Google Drive (You will get an email notification).  From there you may share the video file out to any platform you choose. 

Here is a preview of what a recorded Google Meet video file will look like:


How will students know where to find my Google Meet Link?

When you start a stream you will need to pick a stream name. This needs to be unique to our district but you may use the same stream name all year long. Only students with Dardanelle School Google accounts can join the stream.  From that stream name, Google will provide you with a link to share to students. 

Students do not have the ability to start streams. However, you will need to make sure they all leave any stream you start before you close out the stream. You do have the ability to kick them out as well. 

How does Google Meet compare to Zoom?

Google Meet is a much newer product than Zoom. It does not offer all of the features that you will find in zoom at the moment. 

We have found Google Meet to be more lightweight and easier to run on less power intensive devices like chromebooks. Chromebooks are of course more optimized to work with Google tools. Google Meet is one of the easiest ways to record and store your meetings. All teachers have unlimited storage in their Google Drive for videos. 

If the current lack of some Classroom controls is a concern, Zoom is another available option. 

If you would like more information about the free zoom offerings for education, you can check out the links below:



What are the new features coming to Google Meet?

Google Meet is still being heavily developed by Google. They are working on developing extra features to make the application even more classroom friendly. 

There are features that have been heavily requested for classroom management. Some of these features include: mute all students, keep students muted, cut off students video, and permanently ban students from a Google meet. 

Below is a complete list of all features Google is working on for Google Meets:



Google Meet

Meeting moderation controls

Give hosts more control (muting, presenting, invite-only, and more).

In development

Google Meet

Dial-out to an international phone number

Dial-out to an international phone number from a Meet video call (currently only supported for US and Canada phone calling).

In development.

Google Meet

Background blur and replace (for mobile)

Blur the background or replace it with an image or video on mobile.

In development

Google Meet

Background blur and replace (for desktop)

Blur the background or replace it with an image or video on desktop.

In development

Google Meet

Breakout rooms

Let large meetings split into smaller forums to make parallel progress.

In development

Google Meet

Cloud noise cancellation

Intelligently filter audio for more effective meetings.

Launched. Learn more

Google Meet

Digital whiteboarding

Digital whiteboarding with Jamboard/Meet integration.

In development

Google Meet

Hand raise in meeting

Raise attention to yourself without interrupting the meeting.

In development

Google Meet

Low light mode on mobile

Automatically adjust video in low-light conditions (for mobile).

In development

Google Meet


Engage meeting participants and livestream viewers with polling and Q&A capabilities.

In development

Google Meet


Set up Q&A for an upcoming meeting. Participate, manage, and review the Q&A post-meeting.

In development