Brenda McCurdy, Math




Email: brenda.mccurdy@dardanellelizards.com


Phone: 479-229-4655

Conference time 10:15 to 11:10 a.m.

Class schedule:

1st period - Geometry

2nd period - Geometry

3rd period- Conference Period

4th period - Statistics

5th period - Statistics


6th Period-  Geometry

7th Period - Geometry


I am available for tutoring before school Monday and Tuesday mornings 7:30 to 7:55 in the high school library and online through Google meets.


All material for my classes will be posted in my Google Classroom. Students are encouraged to go there to find notes, assignments, and worksheets.


Geometry and Statistics will be offered on two platforms, on-line and in-class. Both classes are designed to be presented simultaneously  so students who might be absent for long periods of time will be able to continue with their studies transferring from one platform to the other.



Geometry -   Geometry is designed to emphasize the study of the properties and applications of common geometric figures in two and three dimensions.  It includes the study of transformations and right triangle trigonometry.  Inductive and deductive thinking skills are used in problem solving situations, and applications to the real world are stressed.  It also emphasizes writing proofs and creating constructions to verify and prove the properties of geometric figures.  Students who complete Geometry should take Algebra II the following year.  Grades are weighted so that 10% of the grade is homework, 10% of the grade are quizzes and writing prompts, and 80% of the  grade are tests.

Test cycles will be 3 days for each unit.  Each test cycle will be posted at least one week before the cycl

e begins.   The first two days of the cycle will be a unit  test review. The third day will be the test. Each test is divided into sections called competencies.  Partial credit can be given on the test. The test will consist of 20 to 25 questions which include one competency that is a distributive practice reviewing past units. 


Statistics/Finance -  This course is an introduction to statistical reasoning with an emphasis on concepts and traditional statistical methods. Topics include sampling and experimentation, descriptive statistics, probability, binomial and normal distributions, estimation, single sample and two sample hypothesis tests for means, proportions, and standard deviation.  We will also examine budgeting, the concept of interest as related to loans and credit cards, and the importance of saving money as we delve into the Finance part of this course.  

The use of a TI 84 calculator is needed. Classroom sets are available for use at school but one is recommended for home use.  Grades are weighted so that 10% of the grade is homework, 10% of the grade are group projects that use the concepts covered in each chapter, and 80% of the  grade are tests.


 For All  students:

  • If a student is absent from an in-class course they need to find out the assignment, get missing notes, and make up the homework.  All notes, worksheets, test reviews, and assignments are posted in my google classroom. Students can go there and find the missed work.


  • If a in-class student misses a test, they must make up that test on Thursday, before or after school as provided for by the office. 
  • Online students must take tests/quizzes on the day they are assigned. If there is a conflict, the student is responsible for contacting me to let me know they are not able to take the test on the day it is assigned and reschedule a time for them to take the test.


  • If a student is scheduled to take a test after school on Thursday but has an appointment after school, they must take the test before school or at lunch.


  • If a student is absent for any of the review days, they will take the test on the scheduled day.





In-Class Geometry Google Classroom Class Code

The class code for the In-class Geometry google classroom is twu43wb.