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Welcome to Intro. to Business Communications and Technology and Computer Technology
Schedule of Classes:
1st Period- IBCT/IBCT
2nd Period- IBCT/Computer Technology
3rd Period- IBCT/IBCT
4th Period- IBCT/IBCT
5th Period- Conference
6th Period- IBCT/IBCT
7th Period- IBCT/IBCT
Predicting what lies in the future is virtually impossible, but we do know that whatever it brings, computer technology will be right in the center of it. As computer technology continues to advance and develop for both home and industry, there will be an ever growing need for computer professionals to fill the resulting job openings. Career opportunities in the computer field remain strong, and knowledge of computer technology will continue to become more and more important to workers in every field. "Many jobs obviously will demand basic computer skills if not sophisticated knowledge." (Oppenheimer 273). The more we learn about the importance of computers and the more computer literate we become, the more chances we'll have of advancement in mostly any field.